Friday, July 11, 2008

Crown Me with Roses

Crown me with roses,
Crown me really
With roses -
Roses which burn out
On a forehead burning
So soon out!
Crown me with roses
And with fleeting leafage.
That will do.

Fernando Pessoa, June 12th, 1914

Monday, July 7, 2008

Once Upon a Pony Tail

Call me beauty. Oh, so pretty. Sexy. Mmhh... Outrageous! Loose. No, tied up? Pony? Pony tail? Sensual.
What? You wanna ride? Fine. Just be careful, because I may stick my horn on you. I don't know, it just grew up when I took your pony tail advice. But the horn idea still drove you crazy. Hm... No, i didn't say 'mmhh'! I said 'hm...'. Because you're freaking strange. Stop modelling me so you can love everything on me. Even a fucking horn that got sticked up your... behind?
Shit. Just take this fucking wig and leave me alone. Have fun by yourself. I'm not into anyone that wants me to carry a freaking horn on my head.
By the way, I love your hair. Here's a last hickey.

Man, I suck.


to Ebo, to a non American Cowboy and to You-Know-Who-You-Are.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Sshh. Sssht! Just shut this. Shut this world. This everything. It's me now. Just me, myself, eventhough it's not actually me. It's this sound... I'm nothing, no ears, 'coz they're this, just music. It's anaesthesia. It's body-disolving. It's particles vibrating.
And my body shuts their eyes. In the dark. Deepest night. Darkest dark. Not even black.
So, it takes over. Little by little. Shivering. From the toe nails. All along the spine. To this body's hair ends. Going out. Surrounding it. Touching the skin. Making it shiver. And my body's eyes start to tear. Tears vibrating down that face. Down those chords. It's emotioning. It's crazy. It's electrical. This sound is screaming. Each time more. And the scream distorts, dissipates, goes mad. And yells again, in an hysterical cry. It's orgasmic. Then tired, little by little, slows down, lows down. Until it dies. And that body of mine falls asleep after losing control.
But I'm still nothing. My body is out there, and I'm here, like air, trapped in a mind that belonged to that body. I'm the music. I'm coming from the strings of this electric guitar.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Suicidal Selfish Finfish

Welcome to this earthly Ocean, consisting of 29% of the whole Earth Planet.
Eventhough 71% of it consists 0f water, some earthly finfish decided to name it after its solid bits. They had an excuse, though, since that time there were no long-course floating nor flying devices to explore around the globe and travelling 600 kilometers from their point of origin would take months, or years, depending on if they would survive or not.
Later on, someone in a Greek place looked up to the sky for the whole nights of days, weeks and years. As they didn't need to move away from their spot, it was easy to survive. And as they decided to dedicate their life staring at the beautiful night sky and had nothing else to do, boredom and routine exercised their brain and they started to understand some stardust language, telling them there was more than a couple of disputing cities around the place. That's where the first round earth theory came from.
Later on, some brave Europeans invented big boats and caravels and found out they floated extremely nicely over the water and decided to go for an adventure. It all started in the coasts of England and France, loaded of saciating rich people, so those Northern Finfish decided to dedicate themselves to coming and going, just to overtake and sacking, so they'd have something nice to burry in desert islands and beaches they'd find on the way.
But the idea of exploring around was good, anyway. So, some remaining European countries along the coast decided to do the same for fun and curiousity, eventhough they feared their caravels would reach the Ocean's borders and fall into the outer space.
It was then until a brave Italian-Portuguese guy heard about the Greek guy's theory and, grabbing his caravel, sailors, stolen slaves and own balls, decided to go all the way around. And he made it.
So, the earth was round. And eventhough the world map wouldn't be possible without the Ocean, they still ramined the Earth Planet name.
So, here's a 29% of trapped earth, covered by beautiful Flora, Fauna and us, a minimum amount of Suicidal Selfish Finfish, only thinking about ourselves, trying to dominate and destroy this wrongly named by us Planet Earth. We live in disrespect, between ourselves and towards whatever forms this round blue place where we were all raised and born in the same way. The place where life came from water (note: life isn't a synonym Finfish, as we think!). But life's reason is still being questioned, whose answer is soon to be known, through the water that is taking over earth, little by little, drowning it's Fauna, Flora and ourselves, Suicidal Selfish Finfish, who woke up these revolting waters.
Water is the answer to all the limits.

- Ruth