Thursday, June 25, 2009

Made History

June 25th, at 10 p.m., my local time, jee, I got a fright. Was waiting to cross the road, music loud on the iPod, looked right, stepped forward and felt something touching my left arm. Gently. I looked left. And Oh, boy! A tall, monster looking-like bus leaning on me. Oh, baby. Destiny didn't want me to make history.
Ironically, was going to watch Transformers that night. Right after that sort of Optimus Prime almost ironed me...
Was sitting at the movies. Optimus Prime was dying. And I was told: Michael Jackson died. What a shock. Michael Jackson died... No!!! Optimus Prime can't die!!! Michael Jackson... Optimus Prime almost killed me.
Got home. Looking for news on the Greatest Popstar.
Oh, my word. He died at 10 p.m., my local time.

May your soul R.I.P. But your music will never rest.
-somehow would even be curious if i met u up there, but phew, better not even joke about this.-