Friday, February 25, 2011

Burned her so much.

i loved her, i used her, i kissed her, could have abused her. she hugged me, about to bite me, would stare at me, with lost eyes, of how she liked me. i touched her, i felt her right there, so we'd hide, move away for a quickie in a rush. so much i love her, oh gosh i love her so much. her smell of sweat, her acid breath and shit, her laugh so loud, so bitchy, that itches on my dick. her hair so messy, so dirty that blonde on my cheek. those hands so naughty, so fucky, won't wanna remember it. oh shit i love her, i love her, i love her so much. and she loves me, she licks me, she sucks me, she thrusts. and tomorrow, tomorrow, won't have her anymore. in fire she'll be, right there, along with my trunk. just because i loved her, i loved her, i loved her too much. and she was lovely, so lovely, so bitchy when she was drunk.